Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Log 1 (1)

After much reading about affordances, I finally began to understand the separate concepts of affordances according to Norman and Gibson and both of their importances when it comes to designing concepts and actual conceptual models. After realizing that the word affordance could more easily be replaced by "as is" I was able to understand the way in which things work. In thought, these affordances could actually be relatable to my own life. An example of this being that a guitar is an affordance for creating music, but could also be used for holding a door open and all of the various actions and capabilities that are connected with it. "The affordances of the environment are what it offers the individual, what it provides or furnishes, either good or bad." In relation to my own life, I could also connect the ideas of affordances to interfaces that I myself interact with such as the release trigger on my camera. My camera affords me to capture moments and concepts which helps to build ideas off of, which then connects to design. The reading itself was informative while also being difficult but taught me about connections to interface design.

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