Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Log 3 (1)

The post called "Olympic Inspiration" is meant to inspire its reader about not giving up. Giving up is too easy to do. Even though John Dane had failed before, and grew to be older than the average person trying out for the Olympics, he didn't give up. One reason why he was able to continue is because he had the support and companionship of his son-in-law. When at first you don't succeed, it is important to keep working at your skills so that you can become better and maybe even learn to succeed. This is relevant to me because I myself have faced struggles, which I've wanted to give up on, but worked hard to become better. During freshman year of high school I took Geometry and Chemistry, which are by no way my forte. The material and concepts within the class were hard to grasp no matter how much I studied or tried to do the work and as a result my grades suffered. It got to the point where I began to just feel hopeless but I had support from my teachers who really made me feel as though they cared primarily about me learning the material and secondly about me receiving a good grade. I eventually began to understand the material as time went on thanks to the support of my teachers and was able to pass my courses.

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