Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Log 2 (2)

An interface device which I often interact with is a Fostex MR-8, digital 8-track recording device. When I first bought the machine, it was very confusing to me. The instruction manual however explains everything in detail. The fact that the layout is neatly organized and labeled with numbers as well as colors adds to the ease of use with the interface. The numbers signify the levels of volume or the level of an effect. The slider knobs also control the volume of a specific track, as noted by notches (lines) next to each slider. The recorder itself allows for multiple tracks to be recorded at once, multitasking by recording sound information to whichever track you select it to record to. Ways of recording include an internal microphone which allows for the recording of all sounds, increasing the ease of use of the machine, seeing that you don't have to purchase other tools for it to be usable. Tools like a microphone, guitar, bass, or keyboard can however be plugged in, in order to get better quality of recording. This interface is very important to me because of the ease of which I can use it as an outlet for recording my own music, as well as the ease of editing without any other source. This is a good interface when it is used properly, know how to use it.

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