Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Log 1 (2)
I wanted to get a better idea of some interfaces out there so i used two of the greatest tools at my disposal, google and youtube, to really see how different interfaces worked. I found this video to be very interesting because of the fact that it's an interface designed to mix reality with a virtual aspect to it which added to its uniqueness to me. Although I couldn't relate the content of the video to my own life, I'm fascinated about the processes that the creator went through in order to create such an interface module. Even though it's not what I wanna do with my life I would be interested in being able to design such an interface or at least experience using one.
I think that this is a good interface because it appears to be easy to use from the eye of someone who doesn't know too much about the device itself. I think this interface, when programmed, could be used for exploring the interaction of objects in a virtual sense by using real objects which interact in the virtual interface. For instance, how two opposing forces (chemicals, magnets, etc.) could possibly interact. What could enhance the understanding of such an interface would be the use of it as well as the explanation of how it works from its designer, both on the inside as well as how to actually use it on the outside.

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