Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Log 3 (2)

"Don't Be So Quick To Embrace Your Own Ignorance" would make a good motivational speech if it were longer. It's pretty insightful and true what the message is though, that people need to not be so self-deprecative about things that they aren't knowledgeable about. Anyone can learn anything if they put forth the effort. The fact that we are marketed to as "dummies" plays a big role in why we put ourselves down about being ignorant about certain topics. But if we actually went out to learn about what we strive to learn about then we would at least be able to know something the topic. Another fact is that everyone learns differently, I myself am more of a visual learner and learn better from visual cues and images. When people know what type of learner they are, it becomes easier for them to learn about topics, making them less ignorant about the topic.

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